Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bonsai Plant

It is really a delight to watch nature blooming in miniature size.

Bonsai is art of creating dwarf plants with lot of care and passion. It takes years to get a perfect one with lot of  hard work after applying professional techniques.

While browsing through the net I came across artificial bonsai craft ideas and decided to go for it.

I completed the project with the material which was easily available.

1. Wires which are used for binding/framing iron rod structure of lentil  from the hard ware store.  You can use broken hangers or wires used for craft work or waste electric wires.
2.  Simple tool like wire cutter, pliers, scissors.
3.  Aluminium Foil.
4.  Thick Craft Paper
5.  Paint.

First of all the wire is required to be cut in to desired size of plant. Bunch of wires is used to shape the trunk and branches of the plant.
This requires your imagination.  I got an idea from browsing the net. You can have an idea from this link  

This structure requires a base which could be a pot, a rock or wooden block.  You can tie, fix with adhesive or support with filling. In my case I have taken an small earthen pot and filled it with marvel gravel.

While wire structure is ready covering it with paper mache or aluminium foil is best option because it gives the plant a real plant look.  I have tried it with aluminium foil. Keep few branches uncovered on which leaves and flowers are to be fixed.

Next step is painting the plant covered with aluminium foil with dark brown or chocolate colour paint to give it a real plant look.

Artificial leaves and flowers are available but I have tried making them from the thick craft paper myself as you can see in the finished project. For attaching flowers and leaves to branches common available adhesive can be used.

The photograph of my finished project is here for your comments.

Tutorial of making artificial bonsai are also available on  You Tube
which will help you.

I am sure after going through this post you will certainly be tempted to try your hands on a similar project.

Keep me posted with your comments which are of  real importance to me.

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