Wednesday, July 1, 2015


While browsing through the internet I came across some beautiful ideas on Art and Craft.  The field which attracted me most was "Artificial Flower Making", "Clay Molding", "Art & Craft Work made from Waste Material".

And I felt it worth giving a try to indulge in them for hobby sake.

To begin with I chose Artificial Flower Making. There are different ideas available on artificial flower making with Clay, Silk Cloth, Ribbon, Tissue Paper, Crape Paper, Stocking Net and many more.  

Flowers made of Stocking Net appealed me most but the problem was from where to get the raw material.

I started searching but most of the choices were getting the material through net from various sites and I was not sure what I will receive as it was difficult to guess about them with pics. given on sites.

Finally I found a store  "Itsy Bitsy" on net and gave a wild try to search for its presence in Delhi and I succeeded.  Visited the Store same day and purchased raw material like "Stocking Net Cloth of various colors,metal wire for making petals & stem and Tape".

I have found a track now and will soon share some of my creations with the world through this blog.

Mohinder Kumar
09899205557  (Delhi)

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